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Spirit insists that the focus of this book is on documenting the historical facts overlooked or misused
in the Old and New Testaments. Spirit has also confirmed that many of our Bible heroes do not have
the noble qualities we would want our children to emulate.

The Christian Bible is a book of contradictions, boring genealogy, history and legends. While
Christianity is based on the New Testament spiritual concepts taught by Jesus, too many Christian
leaders try to shape our lives according to Old Testament theology due to the inherent power it
offers. It is only when we look at the genealogy that we can start to understand the real difference
between the two books offered up as the final authority of God.    

When Spirit first push me to write about the Bible, I strongly resisted because it appeared the book
would be totally negative toward the Christian religion I had been a part of for more than 65 years. I
didn't really think it was appropriate to examine the actions of the God of the Old Testament. Spirit
showed me this God claimed to be saving the Hebrews by killing the first born Egyptians, yet, killed
the Hebrews at will when they disobeyed. Moreover, spirit made it known that God failed to even live
up to His promise as only two people saved from Egyptian slavery actually lived to enter the promised

Chapter One

EPA Claims A Real Live God Ordered Toxic Sludge Dumping On Farmland
(And He Piloted A Helicopter)

When a government agency, such as the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), does a historical
study which states a real, and powerful, walking, talking person known as  the “Lord or God”, who ate
and drank was alive and well in biblical times, and ordered the people to bury their shit outside their
camp, we have to accept that something major is going on in the government that deserves to be
closely examined. This need to examine the subject is amplified due to the political ramification of
religious  fundamentalists who are intent on controlling our lives through government laws..

Chapter Two

Biblical Genealogy in New Testament -- Moral, Ethical and Legal Lapses in Judgment --  
Abraham to Joseph, the stepfather of Jesus

It isn't a bad as it was fifty years ago, but many religious leaders, and their followers, continue to
swear the Christian Bible is the absolute word of God with no mistakes. However, they do not want
you to really examine the two conflicting genealogical lists of Matthew 1 and Luke 3.  They do want
you to worship Jesus as though he was a God, but they don't want you to follow in his footsteps and
learn what he was actually teaching about the spiritual gifts. He taught that we must develop control
of our own mind in order to connect to the supreme universal spiritual source called God.

Chapter Three

THE WATCHERS -- As the Lords

Some Christians tend to think of God as a omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient entity who loves
everyone, rather than a walking, talking warrior God sometimes known as a Watcher.  However, as
we saw from the references EPA used for the “History of Land Application as a Treatment
Alternative" for sewage sludge, that the ancient God was not the Spiritual God, but was a man of war
with little concern for anyone who did not do exactly as they were told, when they were told. Many
people are not aware this God even had a name, Jehovah. And he disappeared at the end of Exodus.

Chapter Four

Abraham and family

Out of all the people on earth at the time, Abraham, a rich and powerful Syrian prophet for the
semitic Moon God Sin, was chosen by the Lord to be the genealogical head of three new religions,
Jewish, Christian and Islamic. One of his bastard sons also appears to have created  the lost religion
of Midian. Abraham's half-sister, and wife, Sarah was 89 years old when the Lord made her pregnant
to create the Jewish line of descendants.   Moreover all three religions use symbols relating to the
Moon God Sin and the Cherub as described in the Book of Ezekiel. For that matter, so did most
ancient religions around the world.

Chapter Five

Moses And The Levite Priesthood -- Beginning And End

Now the neat thing about the laws of Moses is they are fodder for the fanatics public relations
campaign to control people and the government even though they have no meaning in the story.
God's mission to prove his power to the Egyptians, as well as the  Hebrews, is by killing their
firstborn. He is not going to save the Egyptian slaves for any purpose other than to watch them die in
the wilderness. Moses is going to prove his power by having three thousand of the Hebrews killed for
worshiping the golden calf his brother Aaron made. But that would only be the starting point. The fact
that he had installed Aaron is the chief priest was of no consequence. Most people are surprised to
find the Lord ended the power of priesthood with the death of Aaron's son Eleazar. Eleazar's sons
were entirely too corrupt to let it continue and the Lord had them killed, which caused Eleazar to fall
off his chair and break his neck.

Chapter Six


When the Lord failed in his choice of priests, first with Aaron who made the golden calf, and finally
with Eli's (Eleazar) womanizing sons, the Lord finally destroyed the corrupt priesthood's power. He
used an unnamed  prophet to foretell the coming death of Eli's two sons and the loss of the Ark.  
After that, the Lord's spirit spoke through prophets. The prophet Samuel would anoint Saul and
David as kings.  Somewhere along the line the prophets lost their way and they were forbidden to
prophesy on pain of death by their own mother and father. Jesus brought in the return of the
prophets receiving spiritual messages through Christ. However, there was a major difference. Jesus
was a prophet of peace and a teacher of the individual spiritual path to connect with a personal spirit
called Christ. Jesus was not only concerned with world peace, but bringing peace of mind to the
individual through the knowledge of their spirit. Then someone organized the church to replace the
tabernacle and taught the same old laws, rather than the spiritual truths of Jesus.

Chapter Seven

Spirituality and the Saints
                     Political Fraud
            White Horse Prophecy – 1843

Now you might wonder what religion and toxic sewage sludge have in common with Joseph Smith's
White Horse Prophecy for “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” (Mormons)? In 1979,   
EPA claimed in an official history document that a walking talking God in the Old Testament ordered
land application of toxic and pathogen contaminated sewage sludge on our food crops led us to  start
examining the Christian Bible. I was impressed when this newest “Christian religion” practicing an Old
Testament religion exercised its supernatural powers by doing the impossible. It resurrection a dead
public corporation (Birmingham Drainage District (BDD)) in Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri for
private and political purposes. The connection to toxic sewage sludge  disposal was established as it
was used to block access to a toxic sludge disposal site as well as private property.


Is there anyone besides an aviation engineer, or a spirit, who
would recognize a 500+ year old blueprint of a helicopter.