My old friend AC said, and I have to believe him, To consider your question-------------why these
disease organisms require biosafety level 2 handling procedures in a certified laboratory, but
they are perfectly safe the closer they get to our food and water and children---------------
-First, I
sought the kindly wisdom of Senator Albert Snort, long living member of Congress. He politely reminded
me of some pragmatic rules. Lab technicians are mainly trained at government expense---subsidized
education here in the US. They also vote. Thus there is added value to these persons. Children, on the
other hand, especially preschool have little invested in them at that point, and more importantly, they
don't vote. Obviously, there are Biosafety levels needed to protect lab workers who are constantly
exposed to protect the government's investment. On the other hand there is an excess population, and
more is being made up with welfare and minority peoples who merely detract and mostly don't vote, pay
few taxes (many on welfare) thus there is little incentive to accord these people with the same high level
protection. Thus, my friend, went on the senator, you can see that we are really doing humanity a great
favor here.

And we have to remember those ancient words of wisdom, as my old friend Pogo states: "We have met
the enemy and he is us."