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Victims of sewage sludge (biosolids) used as a fertilizer/soil amendment and sewage effluent (reclaimed water)
recycling are caught between conflicting views held by regulators and politicians concerning man made
laws/regulations,  Biblical commandments, and the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God as revealed in the
Declaration of Independence. There are folks at the top of the food chain who assume the Laws of Nature give
government and private corporations unlimited rights not enjoyed by the individual. This is due to the fact that
man made laws and the Bible do tend to favor the rich, the powerful and the corrupt sectors of society. The
reality is that the laws of Nature contribute to the general welfare of individuals within a society and Nature's
God opens our minds again to the inherent spiritual paths and power we are blessed with. That is to know the
difference between good and evil or between fertilizer and sludge.

While you wouldn't think religion, or God, had anything to do with sewage victims or with sludge use on
agricultural land, that is not the case according to EPA as it trots out the Biblical laws. In its 1979 document
History of Land Application as a Treatment Alternative" (p.6) EPA states, "At least two verses in the Bible refer
to land application of waste (
Deuteronomy xxiii,13 and Judges iii, 20)."  That is a lie that we can credit with
killing a lot of people. The first reference states, (13) "And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it
shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which
cometh from thee:" In context, the next verse explains that God didn't want to
step in shit as he walked about
the Hebrew camp. In effect, if he saw any shit laying about the camp He would not deliver their enemies to
them.  The seconded reference was about delivering a message from God to their enemy, Eglon, king of
Moab. The verse states, (20) "And Ehud came unto him; and he was sitting in a summer parlour, which he had
for himself alone. And Ehud said, I have a message from God unto thee. And he arose out of his seat." The
next verses explains that the message from God was a dagger delivered to the gut of Eglon, who had a bowel
movement as he died: "
and the dirt came out."

Eliot Epstein, Ph.D, used the same citations in his book, "
Land application of sewage sludge and biosolids".
Epstein should have known better than to mix religion, science and politics. He spent 30 years with U.S.
Department of Agriculture (USDA), is Chief Environmental Scientist for Tetra Tech, Inc, and is an adjunct
professor at Boston University School of Public Health. Epstein knows there has never been a single study, nor
can there be, to prove sewage sludge use is safe for use on food crops. After all, the USDA facility at Beltsville,
Maryland did some of the original sludge research and became one of the first Superfund sites.  He also knows
that it is very difficult for an individual at the bottom of the food chain to prove human health damage when all
the experts are lying to farmers and the public. USDA was created to help farmers, yet, USDA has always taken
the lead in promoting pathogen and chemical contaminated sludge use on food crops. USDA's John Walker
was the first to acknowledge the treatment processes to
kill Salmonella didn't work. Walker then went on to lead
the EPA's sludge use program.

Apparently, EPA's use of Biblical citations in 1979 was in response to certain employees at EPA who instigated
an internal
sludge war in 1978. In the past 30 years employees on a spiritual path at EPA (William Sanjour,
Hugh Kaufman, and David Lewis) put their careers on the line in an effort to protect individuals and the public
from the pathogenic and toxic pollutants in sludge promoted as a fertilizer or soil amendment. This brought the
wrath of God down on the whistleblowers in the form of
Walker and USDA's Rufus Chaney. Well, at least those
in EPA and USDA who tried to destroy them thought they had the power of God. They were even brought
before the justice system in an attempt to publicly humiliate and destroy their creditability. Didn't the same thing
happen to Jesus when he tried to set the Jewish priesthood back on a spiritual course. Fortunately, in a
democracy it is not as easy to kill a whistleblower today.

It is apparent that whistleblowers and researchers scared EPA into closing down all of
EPA's Regional
Research Libraries in 2006. EPA did start to reopen some of the libraries in 2008. However, unless you know
exactly what you are looking for, and the exact title, you are unlikely to find useful information at an EPA library
or on the internet.

The United States and Religion

It is unfortunate but the lower court justices tend to believe the public relations aspect of the sludge  industry
and the religion that is backed up by EPA and USDA. As an example, Between 1989 and 1999 Kansas City,
Missouri assured the neighbors and farmers of its sludge disposal site that it was a very safe place. Yet, In
1999, Kansas City went to court to shut down public access to farms near its 1,200 acre sludge disposal site
after it was discovered they were contaminated with Salmonella and E. coli from the sludge dumping. After 12
years of exposure, Kansas City attorneys finally admitted and told the court that federal and state law required
the site, and farms adjacent to it, be restricted to public access. The court agreed that a gate to restrict public
access could be placed on a public street some 500 feet from the city's fenced disposal site. The Judge stated
the ruling could be reversed by a higher court because of the neighbors private land behind the gate -- but he
was going to order the gate anyway. Never mind the fact I had just cut the gate down. The attorneys did their
damnedest to make a prophet out Terry McQuerry, Manager of Kansas City, Missouri's Wastewater treatment
plant, who had suggested 10 years earlier that if I didn't stop asking questions about sludge, I would get hurt. I
hate it when they do that.

Judges are just as single minded about religion. According to a ruling on February 2, 2011 by the
6th U.S.
Circuit Court of Appeals, Common Pleas Court Judge James Deweese, Richland County, Ohio, must remove a
poster of the ten commandments, with his comments, from his court room as ordered by a lower court. The
appeal was based on Deweese's belief that "There is a conflict of legal and moral philosophies raging in the
United States. That conflict is between moral relativism and moral absolutism. We are moving towards moral
relativism. All law is legislated morality. The only question is whose morality. Because morality is based on faith,
there is no such thing as religious neutrality in law or morality." "Ultimately, there are only two views: Either God
is the final authority, and we acknowledge His unchanging standards of behavior. Or man is the final authority,
and standards of behavior change at the whim of individuals or societies."

It is self-evident these judges are not interested in justice or the spiritual path of Nature's God. They know early
writers included Biblical references that indicate God was a very poor judge of character who did not condemn
Cain when he murdered his brother. In fact, He allowed people such as Job and his family to be victimized just
so Job could prove his love for God. Not only that, but all of God's chosen characters failed to live up to His
standards yet had unlimited power. Sometimes He kills the offended and sometimes He kills the innocent.  
Furthermore, history, and the judge's actions, document that standards of behavior do change at the whim of
individuals and societies. Another prime example is that at one time the Catholic Church burned witches to
save their souls. Yet, today the "
Catholic Church Issues Guide on How to Convert Witches." Because, it is now
recognizes that "Wiccans are on a genuine spiritual quest,"

Today most Christian societies promote a loving God, yet, many still promote the image of the jealous and
violent God of the Old Testament as the ultimate authority. Deweese does the same with his attempt to justify
his appeal before the U.S. court by reinterpreting the language of the Declaration of Independence. He states ,
"Our Founders saw the necessity of moral absolutes. . . . The Declaration of Independence acknowledges God
as Creator, Lawgiver, 'Supreme Judge of the World,' and the One who providentially superintends the affairs of

Actually, the
Declaration of Independence does not address moral absolutes. The Founders did not mention
the God of the Old Testament as a lawgiver. They acknowledged that the powers of the government comes
from the consent of the governed, not from God. The rights we expect are an entitlement based on the Laws of
Nature and Nature's God. We went to war with England because:

  • "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their
    Creator with certain unalienable Rights," "to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them,"

  • "that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights,
    Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed"

  • "appeal to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude [moral integrity]  of our intentions,"

  • "firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence [inherent spiritual power & blessing]"

We have just seen the Laws of Nature and Nature's God at work in Tunisia and Egypt as powerful dictators
were force out by the power of the people reclaiming their inheritance.

The Perception of Truth vs Documented Truth

The perception of truth most people have of sludge and the Bible is much different from the documented
reality. By using those verses from the Bible EPA was trying to take us back to primitive times when men and
women didn't know the difference between
good and evil. You remember the story of the first whistleblower who
told Eve she wouldn't die from eating the special fruit. Eve found out God lied to her and Adam. Once they
discovered the difference between good and evil God drove them out of Eden, but they still had to supply food
for God and the sons of God. Women and Hebrews/Jews have been blamed for not believing the lie and
suffered from that first documented lie for over 2,000 years. The same thing is happening today as many
people are driven from their homes as they gain knowledge about sludge. Their health and environment are
destroyed. They live in fear because of people who believe the lies put forth by EPA, USDA and the sludge

EPA seems to have been working under the assumption that no one would question its Biblical citations as
God's word. At the very least, the first citation implied that EPA's policy of sludge use was only following the
mandate of God for the land application of waste as opposed to following the
man made laws which identified
sludge as a solid waste with potential
hazardous constituents (pollutants) that could seriously harm human
health and the environment. The second citation appears to imply that as long as EPA is using the Bible as the
bases for its waste disposal programs any environmental or health damage is God's will in action.

The EPA's reference to Deuteronomy opens the doors to what are known as the Five Books of Moses,
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. They are often referred to as the Law of Moses or
the laws of God. Without carefully reading and consideration of relevant facts, the interpretation of these five
books tend to create either fanatics or atheists, or as in the case of EPA, corruption. If the old Testament God
was just a high tech soldier/explorer, as shown in the
book of Ezekiel, then there is no reason for Congress or
government agencies to consider the moral or ethical implications of their actions which harm human health or
the environment.

The government spends a lot of money on scientists who actually understand the early writers. What they
found was that God chose the product of an incestuous relationship as the channel for His laws. The Hebrews
did not spend four hundred and thirty years of slavery in Egypt. That would have been impossible since Moses
was actually the great nephew of Joseph who had been sold into slavery by his brothers and rose to be the
Lord of Egypt. Moses was also the grandson of Joseph's brother Levi who was never a slave.   Levi was
Abraham's great-grandson and cursed by his own father, Jacob, for having a violent and cruel nature.  Moses'
mother, Jochebed, was the daughter of Levi, and Joseph's niece, who married her nephew
Amram. To put the
time frame in perspective, I have great-great-nephews. Not only that, But
Joseph lived to see his great-great-

What is really unique about the Laws of Moses is the killings condoned by God during the birth of the Levite
priesthood. Raised as an Egyptian prince, we first hear of the adult Moses
secretly killing an Egyptian
Overseer because he mistreated a Hebrew slave. After that he spent 40 years with the family of the Midianite
priest before God appeared to him in the burning bush. On returning to Egypt as
a god to the Pharaoh, Moses
and God
played with the Pharaoh's mind until God could finally justify killing all the first born in Egypt. As they
left Egypt the Hebrews
borrowed their Egyptian neighbors gold and silver. Part of the gold and silver borrowed
from the Egyptians during the Hebrew exodus was used by Moses' brother Aaron to create the
Golden Calf
which irritated Moses and God. As the chosen priest of God, Aaron explained to Moses that it was really magic
as he just threw the gold in the fire and the calf came out.  It is rather disturbing that immediately after bringing
the commandments down from God, Moses orders the
Levites to kill 3,000 of their brothers who had
worshipped under the leadership of Aaron. This was the birth of the Levite priesthood who then demanded and
received 10% of all the tribes had as tithes.

EPA and WEF's Perception of Truth

What EPA learned from the Bible, and practices today through third parties, is that perception of truth means
more than documented truth. Since
1994, the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and its Water
Environment Research Foundation has been the instrument used by EPA to
spread the perception that sludge
use is safe. Unfortunately, EPA documents state that exposure to the 9 metal
pollutants as well as chemicals
and pathogens not addressed in sludge testing could cause death, disease, cancer, etc., showing that the
perception of truth spread by WEF does not match reality. This is also in conflict with the landfill regulations
which states the pollutants are hazardous chemical constituents and
62 of 220 must be monitored.

As a result of the conflicting legal, religious and spiritual views by authorities over the past 30 years, there has
been an explosion in the number of sewage
sludge victims and public health effects from food and water
contamination. The industry claim the
health effects are psychological in nature. We are told there are 4,000
cancer causing chemicals in tobacco smoke. Yet, third party scientists funded by EPA assure us there is no
evidence that those same chemicals in food or water cause any harm. In fact there are only nine toxic metals of
concern. On the other hand, we are quickly becoming a nation of
victims whose bodies have become
contaminated with
high levels of toxic chemicals. Man made chemicals like Acetonitrile are very dangerous as it
metabolizes in the body to
hydrogen cyanide and thiocyanate. EPA states, "Acetonitrile has been detected in
air near ground levels, ranging from 2 to 7 ppb in both urban and rural areas (HSDB 1994)."

Of the 90+ thousand chemicals in use today, we only have a general idea of toxicity of a few and less ideas
about the current body burden. Any or all of these chemicals may be dumped on agricultural land in
contaminated sewage sludge where they may contaminate crops, surface and ground water. Broadleaf
vegetables virtually suck certain chemicals out of the soil at alarming rates.

CDC's 2010 Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals presented exposure data
for 212 environmental chemicals for the civilian, noninstitutionalized U.S.population -- "75 of which have never
before been measured in the U.S. population." In 2003,
body burden testing by the CDC only addressed 116
potential chemicals in the human body. That is up from the  21 chemicals tested for in 2001. As Congress has
noted, at the current rate of testing by EPA, it will take over 300 years to complete the chemical toxicity studies
demanded by the laws.

Just as important, EPA does not require testing for
viral or bacterial pathogens. There is no test for viruses that
cancer or obesity. EPA does require testing for thermotolerant forms of E. coli. However, this high
temperature form of
E. coli is mislabeled fecal coliform. The perception of truth presented by EPA, WEF, and
other scientists, is that
E. coli growing at normal body temperature do not cause disease.

The explosion in
community acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) since the sludge
use regulation was released in 1993 makes it is self-evident we can not wait 300 years for EPA to decide to do
its job and quit lying to us. In 1993 there were 1,900 hospital stays for MRSA infections. By 2005, the
documented hospital stays for MRSA infections had exploded to 368,300 with over 18,000
horrifying deaths.
This is only one example of human health damage that has been documented.