Domestic Sewage exclusion

In a letter dated Feb. 7, 1986, to the Honorable Thomas P. O'Neil, Jr., Speaker. U.S.
House of Representatives, The (EPA) Administrator, explained: "The purpose of the
Domestic Sewage Study was to evaluate the impacts of waste discharged to public
owned treatment works (POTW's) as a result of the Domestic Sewage Exclusion. The
Domestic Sewage Exclusion, (specified in Section 1004(27) of RCRA) provides
that a hazardous waste, when mixed with domestic sewage is no longer considered
hazardous. Therefore, POTW's receiving hazardous waste in this manner are not
subject to the RCRA treatment, storage and disposal facility requirements. The
premise behind the Domestic Sewage Exclusion is that RCRA management of wastes
within a POTW is unnecessary and redundant since these wastes are regulated under
the Clean Water Act's regulatory programs." (NSA Public Facts # 100)