Index Abstracts for Short Articles and Books based on EPA's misuse of the Bible.
By J. Waynick Bynum

According to EPA's Authority (History-p.6) for Sludge Use on Cropland and Gardens:
"At least two verses in the Bible refer to land application of waste (Deuteronomy xxiii,13 and Judges iii, 20)." Neither
verse has anything to do with sludge. After twenty plus years of research on EPA's sludge policy and science, it became
evident EPA and politicians have no concerns about poisoning the environment, water and food. The question became,
based on the science, why did most people involved claim to be Christians and have no problem killing us with food and
water poisoning? The answer had to be found in the Bible. Based on the Old Testament, Christians have no qualms
about killing people because the man "family God" of the Hebrews didn't. Yet, they really have no idea what it says
about the leaders.

According to a recent Huffington Post/YouGov poll a third of Americans want Christianity to be the official state religion.
Based on this poll, it is clear that the Bible should be taught in public schools because the churches are not teaching
Biblical facts. Christians should be taught the difference between the teachings of Jesus as the basis for Christianity
and the Jewish literature created by 72 Jewish elders (
Septuagint Bible) for the Greeks about 250 BC. which has no
relationship to Christianity or the God of Jesus. It is document in the Letter of
Aristeas to his brother Philocrates that
100,000 Hebrew captives were freed in order to get the Old Testament translated into Greek.

To understand the mythical Hebrew priesthood story, you need to know that the Christian Old Testament was
supposedly devised in Egypt about two hundred and fifty years before the birth of Jesus. In a letter to his brother
Philocrates, Aristeas recounts the story of the Greek King of Egypt (Philadelphus 285-247) ordering, and paying for, the
release of one hundred thousand Hebrew captives in Egypt who had been captured by his father. His primary purpose
was to get Eleazar, the Hebrew high priest, to send seventy-two elders (Septuagint) from Jerusalem to Egypt to translate
their Laws (Christian Old Testament) into Greek. Due to the incest, inbreeding, rape and murder by the leaders its
primary purpose was used to justify the coming of Jesus and his teachings.

The Dilemma of Traditional Civil Marriage
Since the 1973 Supreme Court opinion on abortion in Roe vs. Wade, the minority of Christian conservatives have
declared war on the majority through the state legislative process. We all accept that everyone has a right to a religious
opinion. However, no one has the right to impose their opinion through a legal action against everyone who disagrees,
whether it is abortion or same sex marriage. Neither does it appear the religious institutions have the right to lobby for
these restrictive laws based on a two thousand year old family history book that doesn’t support this opinion.

Ancient writers were just as creative with their plots as those of today. In this case there is important information persons
in authority did not want the general public to understand. This is the reason most Christians don’t know the rest of the
story. Believe it or not, there is a general theme in the Old Testament as outlined in the first chapter of Matthew. The
theme outlined in Matthew by the inclusion of women is that God loved this particular family who committed murder,
incest, rape, etc. As an example, the story of Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David actually started in Sodom.


Biblical Spirit, Genealogy and Religion (2012)
It may be hard to imagine a connection between the Bible and sewage sludge, but EPA made the connection in 1978
and it deserved to be examined. By 1983 the Supreme Court had determined this is a nation with Judeo-Christian
traditions (Marsh v. Chambers, 463 U.S. 783 (1983)). These are actually conflicting doctrines. The tradition of
conflicting writing was adopted by EPA in its sludge science research and regulations. It is time for an honest appraisal
of both.

After studying science, law, regulations, politics and religion for forty plus years and writing about the same for the past
twenty years, I finally came to the conclusion that none of these disciplines intended for the public to ever understand
how they operate. It is not as though they refuse to print the truth because they do. The problem is that the truth is
wrapped up in so many misleading words that it is virtually impossible to understand the real story in any scientific
research paper, law, regulation or religious book unless you have studied them all. The recently published book,
“Biblical Spirit, Genealogy and Religion,” was an overview of spirit, science, genealogy, identified flying objects, in the
Bible and how it was used by EPA and the Mormon Church to gain political advantage over private citizens in Kansas
City, Missouri. What was most disheartening was listening to people claiming to be Christians promoting the spreading
of toxic chemicals and antibiotic resistant pathogens on our food crops and in our water supply under “regulations”
rather than laws that prohibit the practice. During the research for the book it became self-evident that the average
person trying to live a good life had no idea what was in the book priests/ministers were using to convince them that
they were sinners on the road to hell because one little girl called Eve became as smart as the Gods who lied to her.