The United States of America may be the only Country in the world to:
  • enact federal laws to protect public health, then encourage states to violate the laws.
  • create regulations based on agency policy rather than law
  • have an agency enforcement division that refuses to get involved with the policy regulations
  • sue manufactures of products for damage to public health, then sell or give away hazardous waste
    as an unlabelled fertilizer that causes all the public health effects alleged against the manufactures.
  • prohibit the discharge of hazardous sewage effluent into surface waters, then require the hazardous
    sewage effluent to be used by farmers, industry, schools and home owners as reclaimed water.
  • ban trace amounts of hazardous substances from your children's toys, then claim it is perfectly safe
    for your children to play on massive amounts of hazardous waste dumped on your school grounds
    and lawns as a fertilizer.
  • acknowledge that  hazardous waste may not be safe in a permitted landfill, then claim it is safe for
    public contact if the name is changed to biosolids or reclaimed water.
  • require EPA certified contractors to abate lead hazards around your home and yard to protect your
    children, then promote the sale of unlabelled hazardous waste with high levels of lead as a safe
    fertilizer for school grounds and your lawn where your children play and the dust can be tracked into
    the home.
  • require biohazard level 2 laboratory safety handling procedures for  disease causing organisms,
    then claim these same disease causing organisms are safe to dump on your food crops, your school
    grounds, the lawns where your children play and in your drinking water.
  • tell farmers it is safe to use disease causing organism contaminated irrigation water and hazardous
    waste as a fertilizer for food crops and grazing land, then blame infected cattle for contaminated
    produce products.
  • publish studies proving antibiotic resistant genes are transferred during the treatment of sewage,
    then blame it on misuse of antibiotics by farmers and consumer products.
  • pay for studies implying hazardous waste used as a fertilizer is safe based on one or two chemicals,if
    the laws and regulations are followed, then ignore the laws and refuse to address the deaths and
    public health effects caused by the regulation.

The Smoking Gun: DOCUMENTED

It is somewhat amazing that EPA would publish totally misleading information on its website.  Lying to the public and
politicians is not unusual, or unexpected. However, it appears pressure from people hurt by the sewage reuse policy
caused EPA to concentrating twenty years of lies into a five paragraph document for reporters, which is highly unusual
and takes a very creative writer. The first two lies are in the title of the document, Biosolids is not a fertilizer made from
domestic septage and sewage sludge. Biosolids is the concentrated  sewage biological solid waste in sludge from the
treatment process. There are three EPA employees responsible for creating this
sludge magic and will be long
remembered for this remarkable drug-resistant DNA plasmid contaminated program to harm public health:  
Longest II, John Walker, and Alan Rubin. We have ask the current EPA Sludge Coordinator, Rick Steven, to clarify his
knowledge and who wrote the following document. Click on highlighted areas of the document for the facts.
Fertilizers Made From Domestic Septage and Sewage Sludge (Biosolids)

Primer for planners and policy makers not familiar with the interaction of sewage and disease.

Big money, the university and public health
Institutions of higher learning are tax-exempt and supported because they are supposed to serve the public interest.

USDA Ordered to compensate Georgia farmer for contaminated cropland. Officials admit knowing that sludge chemical
contaminated milk had been sold to public since 1999. Thallium (in the milk) is a toxic heavy metal that can cause
gastrointestinal irritation and nerve damage,

Public cost of recycling sludge biosolids and reclaimed water

USGS-- Earthworms Found to Contain Chemicals from Households  
Animal Manure and sludge biosolids.

Biosolids Trace Constituents: the Latest Hype -- opinion piece

On land, a solid waste such as sludge biosolids with chemical, or infectious characteristics that may-- (A) cause, or
significantly contribute to an increase in mortality or an increase in serious irreversible, or incapacitating reversible,
illness; or (B) pose a substantial present or potential hazard to human health or the environment when improperly
treated, stored, transported, or disposed of, or otherwise managed, is a hazardous waste.
In water, it is a pollutant which
will cause the same health effects to organisms such as swimmers.

Heterotrophic bacteria. What expert said they are not disease causing pathogens?.



Letters :  Tell your story concerning health damages caused by reclaimed water and sludge
China executes ex-food and drug chief for fraud-- here we give them a more powerful job.

"Simply put, our food safety system is broken…The reality is that there currently is no mandate, no leadership, no
resources, nor scientific research base for [creation] of food safety systems." David Kessler, former FDA commissioner

List of Laws and Regulations that show part 503 is an EPA Hoax
Laws or ordinances unobserved, or partially attended to, had better never
have been made. GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to Henry Lee, Oct. 31, 1786

reclaimed water and biosolids (sewage) reuse stupidity or a crude attempt at population control aimed at the young and
elderly with poor immune systems?  Do you know what
purple pipes are for? You should because they are carrying
sickness and death to schools.

"There is no chance for
any human health risk," said Alan Rubin, a consultant for Nursery Products who worked at the
United States Environmental Protection Agency, overseeing its regulations of biosolids. By IMRAN GHORI,
The Press-
Enterprise, February 27, 2007

Well now lets see Mr. Rubin. I believe the pictures and numbers tell a different story. There were few
infections recorded and no one publicized the graphic pictures.

25 million young girls and women are infected with the
3 to 6 million children die each year  from infectious gastroenteritis.  
76+ million people in the United States get gastroenteritis from food borne disease organisms.
Disease organisms that cause gastroenteritis attack other organs in the body and cause death.
Gastroenteritis is caused by chemicals, toxins, and infectious disease organisms.

The Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control can't admit to the smoking gun.
The Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water is holding this smoking gun.
Sewage Biological solids are concentrated chemicals, toxins and infectious disease organisms.
Sewage Effluent Water contains the remaining chemicals, toxins and infectious disease organisms.

It appears that the EPA, USDA, FDA and CDC’s  1981 policy to promote  the disposal of sewage effluent water and
sewage biological solids sludge on fruit, food crops, lawns, parks, and school yards was created to cover up the genetic
engineering programs release of altered bacteria and viruses into the environment.    Multiple disease epidemics have
become more evident as they spread across America infecting more people. EPA has expanded the policy and it has now
become law in many states. Yes,  permits are issued to put your health at risk. Recent research indicates Drug resistant
plasmid markers inserted into genetically engineered organisms and food crops have spread to
many disease organisms
including the Black Death - Bubonic  Plague bacteria.

Synagro -- the largest sludge dumper doing EPA's bidding.
Do we blame Synagro, or Congress for allowing EPA to violate the RCRA?

When Good People with too much money do dumb things: Microsoft
founder Bill Gates and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (who is spreading
cancer causing pollutants around the country) are pooling their piles of money
to pour $375 million into a global effort to cut smoking.