Louisiana Sludge Permitting                                                                     April 14, 2008

The Part 503 sludge rule is self-permitting -- meaning that sludge generators do not require either an EPA or a state
sludge use or disposal permit. Furthermore,
Louisiana is not authorized to issue permits under the EPA program. If
a sludge generator is not a Class 1 facility (has an approved pretreatment program) or serves less than 10,000 people
-- no reports are required to be filed with EPA.  
EPA defines Permit -- means an authorization, license, or
equivalent control document issued by EPA or an “approved State program” to implement the requirements
of this part.

Louisiana was issued a general Sludge permit in September of 1998 -- expired September 2003 -- EPA administratively
continued the permit for those generators that applied for the  general permit within that time frame. Since New Iberia
apparently did not apply to be a part of the general permit within that time frame, no new application to the permit can
be made. Louisiana created its own sludge dumping law (apparently under the Solid Waste Disposal Act as permitted by
503.3(2)) in 2007 for sludge use  which may or may not comply with the part 503 rules, and the creation of solid waste
open dumps is prohibited by the Act.  However,
State records indicate New Iberia does not have a state permit