SLUDGE DISPOSAL: Sanitary Landfill - Open Dump - Superfund Site
         This was true in 1992 and it is still true today, even if it is called biosolids

by Jim Bynum                                                                                                                   9/13/1992 -- 7/24/2008

Before you read the paper, you need to consider what has transpired since 1992: Increased potential for
Global warming,
FECAL COLIFORM (E. coli) AND MASTITIS ON THE FARM, sludge victims, Food poisoning

Today, the industry claims we are emotional unstable and the problems are in our head. Bill Toffey, who oversees
Philadelphia's waste program is the author of:
Biosolids Odorant Emissions as a Cause of Somatic Disease. The
position is that sludge victims have a mental disease. It would appear that Toffey is not aware of the reality that human
somatic cells include all cells except  the sex cells, which are damaged by chemical and pathogen odorant emissions.
According to Daniel Moore, a presenter at the 1992 New Mexico Conference on the Environment, this is
hysteria baiting.

BEYOND HYSTERIA BAITING, By Daniel Moore, Peoples' Emergency Response Committee, ALBUQUERQUE, NM
It is one of those ironic moments that seem to occur so frequently in the United States in the late twentieth century. Pundits and politicians
lament the apathetic and cynical response of the public to the responsibilities of democratic government. Yet when citizens and citizens
groups get involved in policy debates and create controversy by questioning and opposing official plans, citizens had better be prepared
for the inevitable backlash. Free to speak their concerns, citizens are often labeled "hysterical" and "emotional" in an attempt to discredit
and marginalize their voices. I call this backlash "hysteria baiting."

All too often, it seems that politicians and bureaucrats practice a politics of half-truths and appeals to self-serving experts in an attempt to
get their way. At other times, the overlapping of municipal, state, tribal and federal governmental authority creates unending confusion
regarding what each governmental entity is actually doing. The lack of coordination and communication between governmental entities
only makes matters worse. All of this runs counter to the basis of democratic government — an informed and involved citizenry.

This situation forces citizen activists and organizations into the role of insurgent defenders of basic democratic rights. Often entering the
policy debate after advocates have consolidated their position, citizens have to fight to even have their voices heard. Again and again,
citizens must fight for their right to know the impacts of policies before decisions are made and the right to meaningful participation in the
decision-making process.

When it's damned if we do and damned if we don't — citizens and citizen groups have no choice. We must work together and demand
meaningful citizen participation and greater governmental accountability in community and environmental affairs. (p. 419)

Sixteen years later,  Dozens of Communities Adopt Resolutions Defending Local Self-Government Stand
with East Brunswick, [Pennsylvania] as Attorney General Corbett Sues on Behalf of Sludge Dumpers

District Attorney  
John Morganelli, Democratic Candidate for Attorney General Says Attorney General Tom
Corbett Sides With Corporate  Sludge Haulers Against Rural Pennsylvanians

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