UC Davis -- Coliform or Pathogen?

UC Davis Veterinary fact sheet will tell you coliform infected
cattle may have to be marketed early or they may die. But the
fact sheet doesn't explain what a coliform is or why its not a

UC Davis got caught with bacterial biofilms in its water system.


RE: Notification of Total Coliform Violation - August 1997
The presence of these bacteria in drinking water, however, generally is a result of a
problem with water treatment or the pipes which distribute the water, and indicates that the
water may be contaminated with organisms that can cause disease. Disease symptoms
may include diarrhea, cramps, nausea, and possibly jaundice, and any associated
headaches and fatigue.

Fact Sheets and Information: Dairy Cattle, UC Davis Veterinary ...Fact Sheets and
Information, UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension. ... Mastitis Control Program for
Coliform Mastitis in Dairy Cows (PDF 36K) ...
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Developed by John Kirk, Veterinary Medicine Extension, UC Davis, and Roger
Mellenberger, Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University

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