FY2008 Enforcement & Compliance Annual Results
Top Air Enforcement Cases Yield Environmental and Human Health Benefits
Pollutant Reductions
EPA’s 10 largest enforcement actions for stationary source Clean Air Act violations obtained commitments by companies
to reduce their emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM).
When all required pollution controls from the 10 enforcement actions are completed, emissions will be reduced by
approximately 1.7 billion pounds per year.

Compliance and Enforce
has disinvested from the sludge/biosolds program while 4-5 million tons of
contaminated sludge is sold or given away exposing millions of people to the following health effects. Perhaps, better
known as
Toxic Organic  Dust Syndrome.

Health Benefits
The annual human health benefits from these reductions in SOx, NOx, and PM are estimated to have a value of $35
billion. These health benefits include:
��approximately 4,000 avoided premature deaths in people with heart or lung disease;
��over 2,000 fewer emergency room visits for such diseases as asthma and respiratory failure;
��about 6,000 fewer cases of chronic bronchitis and acute bronchitis;
about 4,000 fewer nonfatal heart attacks;
��over 30,000 fewer cases of upper aggravated asthma;
��over 50,000 fewer cases of upper and lower respiratory symptoms; and
��over 200,000 fewer days when people would miss work or school.