April 10, 2008

The Honorable Barbara Boxer
United States Senator
Hart Senate Office Building
Suite 112
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Boxer:

The co-signers to this letter – environmental, farm, and food safety organizations - support you in your efforts to
confront the serious problems inextricably associated with sewers and sewage treatment. The treated effluent is now
known to bring a vast array of wastewater contaminants, including personal care products and pharmaceuticals, into
our nation’s water. Sewage sludge, the unavoidable byproduct of sewage treatment, is poisoning our food.

Increasing the level of treatment of sewage cannot resolve the immense pollution from sewers. What can?

Prevention – the cost effective solution – is the place to start: prevent pharmaceuticals and other hazardous waste
from entering the sewer in the first place, prevent the exploitation of the myth that wastewater treatment and its
associated technologies can fix any problem, and prevent the poisoning of our food supply with sewage sludge.

We applaud you and your colleagues on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works for taking this first
step in a long overdue examination of the policies that have led us to the appalling situation we are now in with respect
to the degraded quality of our recreational and drinking water supplies, and the contamination of our food supply from
the products and byproducts of wastewater treatment.


Resource Institute for Low Entropy Systems (RILES)

Center for Food Safety

Farm Aid

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Toxics Action Center Campaigns

Ocean State Action

Pennsylvania Farmers Union

Organic Consumers Association

Clean Water Action

International Center for Technology Assessment

Pennsylvania Farmers Union

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

Rincon Point Foundation

Sustainable South Bronx

Bedford Sludge Action Committee

Mothers on the Move

Neighbors Against Toxic Sludge

Citizens for a Future New Hampshire

Coalition of Virginia Counties

Help For Sewage Victims

Safe Food and Fertilizer

The Commonwealth Coalition

Cornucopia Network of New Jersey

Sludge Watch

Be Safe Not Sorry Community Action Group

West End Revitalization Association

Northumberland Association for Progressive Stewardship


Center for Community Alternatives

People's Alliance for Clean Energy

Shenandoah County Alliance Against Toxic Sludge

Newberry Community Services District

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Toxics Information Project (TIP)

New Hampshire Clean Water Action

Minnesota Clean Water Action

South Dakota Clean Water Action

Vermont PIRG (VPIRG)

Hawthorne Valley Association

Protect All Children's Environment

Citizens for Sludge-Free Land  

Concerned Citizens of Tillery  

Eagle Bear Farm

North Carolina Environmental Justice Network

Southside Concerned Citizen

Coalition for Environmental Responsibility & Education through Synergy

Watauga Watershed Alliance

Friends of the Deep River

Scotland County Of Tomorrow (SCOT)

Granville Non-violent Action Team


Carolina Concerned Citizens

Mitchell County Citizens for Clean Air

New Jersey Environmental Federation

Friends of Rich Fork Creek

Neighborhood Pesticide Action Committee

Isle of Wight†Citizens Association

Nidel Law, PLLC

Genesis Farm

Blackwater Nottoway Riverkeeper Program

Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice

Sweet Paradise Farm

Concerned Citizens of Green Twp, Ohio

E.F. Schumacher Society

Dogwood Creek Farm

Sweet Paradise Farm

Atlanta Women’s Action for New Directions

Lower Milford Township Recreation and Open Space Board

Alamance County Chapter of Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

Newberry Community Services District, CA

For more information about co-signers, please contact, Laura Orlando, RILES,
T 617-524-7258, 617-413-8505, orlando@riles.org