Jim Bynum

When a government agency lies to the public, horrible things can happen to our life support systems such as food, water, air and
personal health and security. That happen in 1979 when EPA published the "History of Land Application as a Treatment Alternative"
for sewage sludge on p.6: "At least two verses in the Bible refer to land application of waste (
Deuteronomy xxiii,13 and Judges iii,
20)." This one lie opened the doorway to exposing the lies of science and religion. Who was this God EPA believed in that caused its
employees to ignore the civil laws and out health?

The watchers are simply people like you and I with the goal of protecting the environment, our health, the health of our children,
grand-children and the elderly from the mistakes of misguided politicians and government agencies. These misguided politicians and
government agencies appear determined to expose our most precious possessions (children) to the ravages of environmental
pollutants such as the deadly bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus.   For the last two decades the watchers have collected
information on the misused and abused of the scientific process and the laws, which now allows the contamination of our children's
environment with chemicals, toxins and infectious disease organisms contaminated reclaimed water (sewage effluent) and biosolids
(sewage sludge). Politicians have been determined to prevent this information from becoming public knowledge. Food slander laws
have been enacted, government libraries have been shut down, government scientists have been harassed, sued, and forced out of
their jobs. Citizens have been threatened with lawsuits and even Universities have been threaten with a withdrawal of government
funds when they didn't fire scientists who tried to expose the problem.

There have  been twenty  E. coli foodborne illness outbreaks from lettuce and spinach since 1995, nine were linked to the Salinas
Valley in California where crops are irrigated with sewage effluent. Authorities actually call it reclaimed  water even though it still
contains the remaining chemicals, toxins and infectious disease causing organisms that didn't settle out during the sewage treatment
process. . The rest of the chemicals, toxins and infectious disease causing organisms that settled out of the sewage in solids during
the treatment process is sewage sludge.  Only, authorities now called this toxic and hazardous mixture of human fecal toilet waste
biosolids. The name was changed because people don't want contaminated human fecal waste on their food crops or lawns.
However, when you pick up that next bag of potting soil or soil amendment from the hardware store it might be unlabeled biosolids.

In many cases, your local and state authority have authorized the use of reclaimed water and biosolids containing bacteria, viruses,
helminths, protozoa, and fungus on food crops and public areas such as city parks and school grounds. No one every accused city,
state and federal employees of being geniuses, but it is simply moronic to spend millions of dollars on treatment processes to
separate sewage into two streams of contaminated waste (reclaimed water and biosolids), spend millions of more dollars to dry the
biosolids, then reconstitute the sewage on public parks and school grounds as a soil amendment and irrigation water.

Your authorities have even authorized the use of reclaimed water in building cooling towers. Your authorities will assure you that
this mixture of human waste is safe because it only has a small number of coliform in it for reclaimed water and less than 1,000
coliform for biosolids. What they will not tell you is that a coliform is really a term for a group of 12 infectious bacteria disease
organisms, including E. coli and Salmonella,  that cause gastroentitis,. The group of Coliform bacteria not only cause food
poisoning, but may destroy body organs by gaining entrance through the stomach lining. The medical term for this infection is
gastroenteritis. If you have had a case of diarrhea, you have had a mild case of gastroenteritis.  If you are unlucky, death may be the
end result of gastroenteritis or inhaling one of the other deadly disease organism or chemicals associated with reclaimed water and

To  protect ourselves, children and even elderly parents, we have to bring the misguided politicians and city, state, and
federal agencies back under control of the people, you, the watcher. We can not afford to let these people continue to
poison our environment, air, water and food. Its past time to get involved with, or at least support these watcher groups.

As the Reverend Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City says, it is time for a complaint free world.
www.acomplaintfreeworld.org  The premise behind Will Bowen's complaint free world has little to do with religion and
everything to do with changing your life and the world around you, one small step at a time. That we can all do, starting
today. We can take action instead of complaining!