BURNT -- Since 1988
P.O. Box 128555
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 327-8515
Bruce Wood, Pres

Cumberland Conntians for Peace & Justice (CCPJ) is a nearly 30-year-old organization representing
congregations & individuals in Tennessee. Contact Rev. Walter Stark, PO Box 154, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578.

Obed Watershed Association is a volunteer group concerned about the Obed watershed. Contact Rev. Charles
Lord, PO Box 464, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578.

'Network for Environmental & Economic Responsibility (NEER/UCC) is a 20 year-old organization and
recognized group of the United Church of Christ that has voice at General Synod. The petitioner can be contacted at
United Church of Christ, PO Box 220, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578.