Astrovirus /As·tro·vi·rus/ (as´tro-vi?rus) an unofficial name for a group of RNA viruses with a single-stranded genome
about the same size as that of the picornaviruses; they cause gastroenteritis in humans and other animals and hepatitis
in ducklings.

Astroviruses that infect humans have been poorly studied due to the fact that they do not grow in culture. Astroviruses
belong to the family Astroviridae along with a virus known as mamastrovirus. They were first described in the year 1975
using electron microscopes during an outbreak of diarrhoea. Astrovirus has a non-segmented, single stranded, positive
sense RNA genome within a non-enveloped icosahedral capsid. In 1995 it was shown that astrovirus was the main viral
cause of infectious intestinal disease in England (Roderick et al., 1995).