3. Association of Human Bocavirus 1 Infection with Respiratory Disease in Childhood Follow-up Study, Finland, Mira
Meriluoto et al.

Since its discovery in 2005, human bocavirus type 1 has often been found in the upper airways of young children with
respiratory disease. But is this virus the cause of the respiratory disease or just an innocent bystander? A unique study
in Finland, which examined follow-up blood samples of 109 healthy children with no underlying illness starting at birth
and until they were 13 years of age, found that acute bocavirus infection resulted in respiratory disease. All children
had been infected by age 6. Most retained their antibodies to this virus; some lost them. Children who were later
re-exposed to bocavirus did not get sick from this virus. Thus, human bocavirus type 1 is a major cause of respiratory
disease in childhood.

Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal
Highlights: Emerging Infectious Diseases, Vol. 18, No. 2, (February 2012)