Mycoplasma (Pleuropneumonia-Like Organisms [PPLO])

Pertinent characteristics: small, highly pleomorphic organisms that are difficult to observe with
routine stains; require complex
medium for growth.

Mycoplasma buccale
Mycoplasma faucium
Mycoplasma fermentans Mycoplasma incognitus
Mycoplasma genitalium
Mycoplasma hominis
Mycoplasma lipophilum
Mycoplasma orale
Mycoplasma penetrans
Mycoplasma pirum
Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Mycoplasma primatum
Mycoplasma salivarium
Mycoplasma spermatophilum
Ureaplasma urealyticum T-mycoplasma
Correspondence: Dr. David A. Bruckner, Clinical
Microbiology, Department
of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UCLA Medical
Center 171315, Los
Angeles, California 90095-1713 (
Clinical Infectious Diseases 1999;29:713–23
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