Rahnella  (2005) A 76-year-old male with prostatic hyperplasia presented with acute
pyelonephritis. Blood cultures yielded Rahnella aquatilis. Treatment with intravenous followed
by oral levofloxacin resulted in cure. Important characteristics of this organism include its
biochemical similarities to Enterobacter agglomerans, its apparent ability to cause bacteremia
from a renal focus, and its response to quinolone therapy.

Fatal Case of Community-Acquired Bacteremia and Necrotizing ...- [ Translate this page ]This site
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A diabetic patient with chronic heart failure developed necrotizing fasciitis and .... Rahnella a..
Bacteremia.. Failure of.. Nosocomial.. Clearance . ...
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Promoter structure, promoter recognition, and transcription ...... pathogen of humans, causing a
range of diseases from pharyngitis to necrotizing fasciitis. .... Expression of the lsrA gene from
Rahnella aquatilis, ...
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