Pasteurella /Pas·teur·el·la/ (pas?ter-el´ah) a genus of gram-negative bacteria (family Pasteurellaceae), including P.
multo´cida, the etiologic agent of the hemorrhagic septicemias. they are parasites of humans and other animals.

PASTEURELLA:  P. multocida is the species which most commonly infects humans. Although most members infect
animals, humans can acquire the organism from dog or cat bites. Patients tend to exhibit swelling, cellulitis, and some
bloody drainage at the wound site. Infection may also move to nearby joints where it can cause swelling and arthritis
(not to mention a lot of pain).

Necrotizing fasciitis due to Pasteurella multocida infection.Necrotizing fasciitis is a potentially fatal clinical disease
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[PDF] Fatal Pasteurella multocida septicemia and necrotizing fasciitis ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
A 68-y-old male had necrotizing fasciitis and bacteremia due to Pasteurella multocida. Saliva culture from his dog grew
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