Kluyvera strains (2003) The spectrum of disease due to Kluyvera infection in children
includes central venous catheter infection and/or sepsis, urinary tract infection, enteritis, and,
in one instance, fatal peritonitis. It is clear on the basis of our case report that uncommon,
opportunistic organisms such as Kluyvera can be significant pathogens. four isolates were
from blood (including our case), four were from urine, and one each were from peritoneal fluid,
endo-tracheal aspirate, autopsy lung tissue, and stool (Table 2)....

Kluyvera isolates were regarded as true pathogens in six of seven cases including
Hickman-catheter associated sepsis(HCAS), empyema, peritonitis, necrotizing cholecystitis,
sepsis, and liver abscess although the latter four cases yielded mixed cultures. While three of
the six patients had underlying diseases, malignant lymphoma, hepatocellular carcinoma and
stomach cancer, other three were previousely healthy.