New Water Recycling Plant to Open in Denver
April 13, 2004
The Denver Post reported on April 8 that Denver will soon be using reclaimed wastewater when Denver
Water's new recycling plant near Commerce City goes online on April 15, 2004. Thirty million gallons of
water a day will be treated before it is pumped to water customers, which include the Denver Zoo, Xcel
Energy, Denver parks, playgrounds at Denver Public Schools, and landscaping at City Park, Lowry
Redevelopment, Stapleton, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, and Park Hill golf courses. "Absolutely, it's a
national trend ... because there is no more easily accessible water, and there are no more dams being built
west of the Mississippi," said Wade Miller, Executive Director of the WateReuse Association. Denver Water
estimates it will save enough water to supply 35,000 households using reclaimed water with the new $75
million wastewater recycling plant. Instead of pumping the 30 million gallons of treated wastewater into the
South Platte River, it will be treated for irrigation and landscaping uses adding an environmental benefit to
this project. For the full article, visit the following website: